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Lead Users Through a Business Process with Record Types


Record Types Create Salesforce Magic!

Do you understand the basics of custom fields, page layouts, and workflows and want to reach the next level?

Maybe you have a well administered salesforce org with validation rules, but encounter the need for “walking” your users through a specific business process specific to your industry.

Look no further than record types! They are not as confusing as they may first appear.

Record types are just a clean way of associating a different page layout, stage/status, and customizing the available values on picklist fields.

Record Types Determine:

  • Page Layout – Display different layouts depending on the record type.  For example, a lead that was generated from a google ad could display very different fields and buttons compared to one manually entered from an inbound phone call.
  • Process – These are specific to the object, but some examples include opportunity stages, lead statuses.  The google ad lead above may not include a “working” status.  You can simply remove that option from the picklist.
  • Picklist Values – Just like you can control the availability of the stage/status picklist values above you can also do this for any other picklist field on the object!


Lead Process Selection

Once you master these available options, add workflow to the mix for some real process magic.

Let’s say you don’t want to allow users to convert a lead until they have entered a specific set of information. You can set it up so that all incoming leads will be a specific record type with a page layout that does not include the “convert” button.  Then, when certain fields have been filled out, a workflow can fire to update the record type of the lead. The new record type will have different page layout for the specific user’s profile that will reveal the “convert” button.  See the animation below for this use case in action!


Setting Up The Field Update to Update Lead Record Type


Animation – Convert Button Not Present Until Specific Fields Entered