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Build Improved Navigation for Your Einstein Analytics App

Posted by SFDCr

An Often Overlooked Item

When I started working in Salesforce Wave (Einstein Analytics – now Tableau CRM), I started building individual lenses and dashboards to be digested by the greater corporate audience. This works ok but it relies on the user to know where they want to go (and what exists!).

A Different Approach

Using a primary dashboard that acts as a ‘menu’ or ‘directory’ – you can provide critical information to your end user not only some key KPI data for your organization, but also a directory that guides and direct your users to drilldown to additional dashboards! This will let them know about dashboards that provide critical insights that they otherwise may not have even known existed! I’ve found that having a guide like this will allow you to also publish instructions and key new feature information with each release. This helps cut down on the amount of questions you need to field.

Key Ideas & Items For Consideration

  • Use pages to place information on multiple ‘screens’ with links between each of them
  • Use links directly to your other dashboards
  • Use a ‘home’ type of link system on each of your individual dashboards that will take the user back to the directory page
  • Decide if you want to share some ‘key’ high-level KPI type of data on this home base dashboard
  • Consider adding instructions and new feature information on this page as well

Please let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas or if you have implemented something similar in your work. Happy SAQL’ing!

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