All I Want for Christmas/2021

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Wish List

I have a short but sweet wish list for Tableau CRM (Einstein Analytics, Salesforce Wave).

  • Better support for editing queries with bindings without having to jump into the JSON. This has been much improved with the ‘Advanced Editor’ but sometimes it is a little confusing here and I just want to jump directly to the SAQL portion without having to jump into the JSON.
  • Better handling of UI for end users. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched brand new EA users drag a filter or something and mouse up (let go of the mouse button) while they are not on the widget and it closes the window. Try this out now – use a date filter widget, set it to relative and then drag the start or end period all the way to one end (try to maximize it) but then watch what happens when you let go of the mouse off of the date ‘pop-up.’ It will close it. This is not a big deal for someone experienced in the application. For someone brand new it is not very intuitive and I’ve watched many struggle with how things close without being ‘explicitly’ clicked off of.
Try clicking and dragging a range all the way to one end and off the pop-up before letting go of the mouse button.
  • Ability for all dashboard code and configuration to be contained within the JSON. This includes conditional formatting! I can’t tell how many times I’ve copied and pasted the entire JSON from an org to another environment or just to another dashboard but have to manually set things like conditional formatting. It is so helpful to have a single file and all code self-contained!

I told you this was not a very long list! I will look to make mental notes throughout 2021 for some additional thoughts. I know these are top of mind as I think about recent projects.

How about you? What is on your wish list for Tableau CRM? I would love to hear about them in the comments! Have a workaround for some of mine? Let me know! Wishing you a fantastic new year!

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